Bible Verse Search

Written by Joy MacKay
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How do you usually conduct a specific Bible verse search? If you're using a traditional Bible to do so, you probably flip back to your concordance. However, if the Bible verse you're trying to locate is at all obscure, you might find that such a search comes up empty.

Perhaps you've tried to flip through the book you presume the verse is in, and scan the pages for the Bible verse you're seeking. This works somewhat effectively with shorter books such as the New Testament book of Amos, but if you're searching for a particular Psalm, the process can be exhaustive and still not turn up a result you want. So how can you consolidate your Bible verse search, so that you can more quickly find the verses and passages you need?

Computerized Bible Verse Search

One of the best ways to conduct a Bible verse search is by using an online service or Bible software package. These have been designed largely by Christians, to help facilitate the location of verses based on content. You can usually search for a particular word or phrase in the Bible, and receive results chronicling any instance.

This makes the entire process of a Bible verse search much easier. You can enter a query, and then review the results, and first check the references returned in the books you most likely suspect the verse is in. Regardless, it's a fast way to conduct a Bible verse search, and a way to quickly locate the passage you need, and its surrounding contextual verses.

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