Biblical Commentary

Written by Joy MacKay
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Biblical commentary can help you deepen your understanding of the text of the Bible. When taking the Bible in context and as a whole, you might need some clarification in order to heighten your comprehension. At times like these, you can benefit from the biblical commentary of biblical scholars who have gone before you.

Best of all, you can now have access to several types of biblical commentary at once. From any given verse of the New or Old Testament, you can find plenty of scholarly analysis and information to enrich your study. Suddenly, you can delve more deeply into each verse of the Bible, building your own analyses on the study of scholars who have gone before.

Easy to Navigate Biblical Commentary

It used to be the case that in order read biblical commentary, you would need to lug around a large and extensive book or set of books. In fact, if you wanted more than one scholarly opinion, you would have to flip through the pages of several extensive volumes. Now, through the magic of modern technology, you can access several volumes of biblical commentary in an instant, relating to any version of the Bible.

With online services, you can access biblical commentary from anywhere in the world. With the biblical commentary on CD, you can similarly install Bible research software on your computer, for use anywhere. You can learn from biblical experts, scholars, seminary teachers, theologians, and pastors and the research they have performed on God's Holy Word.

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