Blue Letter Bible

Written by Joy MacKay
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You are no doubt familiar with the red letter Bible, which depicts the words of Christ in red. However, you might not be familiar yet with the Blue Letter Bible, an online project that facilitates in-depth study of the Bible. Through an online interactive reference library, the Blue Letter Bible provides the tools for both laymen and scholars alike to deepen their biblical knowledge.

Because the interactive reference library is continuously updated, you can benefit from the most current teachings and commentaries. With a vast network of biblical teachings from pastors and scholars, you can shed further light on the text of God's Word. The authors of these teachings and commentaries are pastors and Bible teachers who hold to a "conservative, historical Christian faith."

The Gift of the Blue Letter Bible

Because the Blue Letter Bible is truly a ministry, it is a zero revenue project. This means that there is never a charge for any of these services. Additionally, there is never cause for advertising of any kind in order to generate revenue.

The costs for all development and labor involved with the Blue Letter Bible project are covered by Sowing Circle, a non-profit biblical ministry. The Blue Letter Bible website and ministry provide an invaluable resource for the layperson and biblical scholar alike. Visit the Blue Letter Bible website and take advantage of the tools they graciously provide to Christians today.

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