Cell Group

Written by Joy MacKay
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A cell group is a small group of people who gather to study the Bible together. Usually these meetings are held in one member's home, in a relaxed and personal setting. Held internationally in private settings, these small groups have had a dynamic effect on the spiritual walks of their members.

The notion of a cell group was first conceived by Reverend Yonggi Cho. Having begun these small group studies in his homeland of Korea, the notion of smaller groups studying the Bible independently caught on quickly. The encouragement that we can give each other as we share our walks with God is immeasurable.

Taking Your Cell Group a Step Deeper

If you're looking to begin a cell group in your area, you might consider Bible study aids. Even if you are part of an existing cell group, and have a deeper vision, you might consider bringing some deeper insight into your group discussions and studies. The more we know about the Bible, as the Word of God, the more applicable that it becomes to our lives.

You might take a look online at some of the wonderful Bible study software available. Some of it is particularly useful for those in cell groups, explained in accessible language that in no way waters down its message or depth. Find a recommended Bible study software site and begin to review the tools that can help you deepen your cell group study of the Bible.

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