Christian Devotion

Written by Joy MacKay
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Our level of Christian devotion can at times begin to wane. Sometimes, our faith can falter, and we can become overwhelmed with the circumstances which life brings to us. We can oftentimes feel lost and apathetic, wondering where God can be in our circumstances.

However, during these difficult times, we have all the more reason to express our Christian devotion. Through daily prayer time and reading of the Bible, we can connect with a loving God who can help see us through the other side of tragedy. In fact, sometimes in the direst hour, we will feel our committment to Christ strengthen, because we have taken time to spend in the scripture and prayer.

Christian Devotion Tools

There is a pervasive notion among Christians that in order to read the scripture daily, you must receive divine direction on exactly which passage to read. While the notion is a favorable one, it raises the bar of perfection of spiritual discernment
somewhat higher than most of us can humanly reach. The truth is that God comes to meet us wherever we are, and whichever part of His Word we are reading, and His Holy Spirit can illuminate truth and guide us as we read.

Because of this, many Christians find it useful to begin using a guide for their daily Christian devotion. These Christian devotion tools can help give you passages to read, pray about, and implement into your life each day. You can even find electronic versions of these programs online, to help streamline your Bible reading process.

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