Christian Education

Written by Joy MacKay
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A Christian education is an invaluable asset that is a boon to any Christian walk. When you begin to educate yourself in the texts and doctrines of the Bible, you not only deepen your faith, but you more fully understand your faith so that you can share it with others. Moreover, in the process you receive the enlightenment and encouragement which the scriptures have to offer.

Some people, like myself, were fortunate enough to grow up within the church. In fact, I also attended a Christian school for much of my childhood and adolescence, further helping to ground me in the principles of the Bible. This Christian education enabled me to have a vast knowledge of the Bible at a very young age.

Christian Education Initiative

However, many of us aren't so fortunate, and our only form of Christian education is that which we receive at church. We are able to augment this knowledge by attending Sunday school classes and Christian conferences, but we still might feel we need more aid. In that case, your own personal Christian education can take the form of self-teaching.

When you begin your foray into Christian education, you will find there is a lifetime of knowledge to learn. From literal translations of the text, to illustrative stories, to biblical commentaries, the knowledge is yours for the taking. Look online today to find Christian education tools with which you can impart knowledge to those you lead, or integrate this knowledge into your own personal walk with God.

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