Written by Joy MacKay
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The Church, in a literal sense, is the place where your local group of believers go to gather, worship, and hear the Bible preached. In a figurative sense, the Church is the Body of Christ--that is, the means by which God carries out his work on earth. Because of this, our responsibility as believers is to understand our faith, and to spread the gospel to others who do not know of God's goodness and grace.

Church Begins at Home

We've all been there at one time or another: we've turned into the "Sunday only" Christians we never wanted to be. Sure, we still hold a deep faith, and we love to hear the gospel preached at church, but we have little time in our busy lives for individual Bible study. Because of this, we can find ourselves feeling lost in our spiritual life.

It's not surprising that the feelings of confusion, loneliness, and loss creep in during these times. After all, our one means of guidance in this world truly is the Bible. When life begins to weigh us down, that is exactly where we would be better off turning; however, sometimes the time it takes to comprehend its words can dissuade us from doing so.

With the right tools, you can begin to study the Bible outside of church. This is simply a wonderful way to augment your knowledge and grow closer to God. When you feel ready to delve more deeply into the Bible, you might peruse some of the great study tools available online. There are fast and easy ways to begin to take a closer look at the gospel--which will help nurture your spirit each day.

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