Written by Joy MacKay
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Biblical commentary can help you deepen your current grasp of scriptural principles and texts. When you want to deepen your understanding, or clarify a doctrinal point, a solid commentary by a biblical scholar can certainly help. There are plenty of books full of commentary available--however, each one tends to be quite extensive, and written by a different author or group.

Finding the Right Biblical Commentary

In fact, there are certain books of commentary which solely focus on one particular book of the Bible. Other books of commentary will focus on a set of books, a specific theme, or a testament at a time. As you can imagine, while all of these books contain useful and practical insight, it is hardly feasible to carry them with you every time you need some additional biblical knowledge.

For this reason, an online or software version of the Bible can help. With built in commentary from all of the top biblical scholars, you can access this information at your fingertips. In fact, you can even search commentary by verse and passage, allowing you to switch views between the text and scholarly analysis.

If you're looking for electronic versions of the Bible with built-in biblical commentary, you should take your search online. There are plenty of free services that can help, and the best ones are sure to be affordable. Look online today to find a recommended electronic commentary for your Bible study needs.

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