Written by Joy MacKay
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We all know that regardless of the amount of church or special meetings we attend, it is not a replacement for our daily devotion. The term "devotion" has come to refer to the time that we spend daily, reading God's word and praying. Hence the commentary and personal illustrative narratives that sometimes accompany a daily Bible reading course are sometimes also referred to as "devotionals," or sometimes simply "devotions."

Personal, Family, and Group Devotion

Hopefully, each one of us can strive to set aside time each day to spend with our Savior. Whether in the morning, or at the close of the day, we want to find a time of personal devotion--so that we can better know the Bible and our Lord. This time could be guided by a devotional, or simply guided by your own sense of inspiration and spiritual leanings.

Some families prefer to spend their devotion time together. This is often a wonderful time for families to learn to relate to each other in spiritual ways, and discuss their faith together. As the saying goes, "The family that prays together, stays together!"

Certain cell groups also like to meet and spend devotion time together, encouraging each other in the Lord. Regardless of where or with whom you spend your devotion time, you might find yourself desiring fresh materials to guide your daily or weekly readings. If you're looking for devotion guides and materials, your first stop should probably be online resource sites who can offer you devotion guides in hard copy or electronic form.

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