Greek Bible

Written by Joy MacKay
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Having grown up in the church, I always wanted to read a Greek Bible. Because the New Testament was authored originally in Ancient Greek, we can learn much from reading the Bible in its original text. While biblical translations offer us the truth of the Bible in our own languages, a Greek Bible can help us take a closer and more accurate look at scripture.

In fact, I still remember when my brother purchased a Greek Bible for me as a birthday gift one year. I had been studying Ancient Greek, and had already read the gospel of Luke in the original Greek. Now, the Greek Bible enabled me to read the New Testament in the original tongue in which it was written.

Greek Bible Resources for the Rest of Us

No doubt, few of us have the time and resources to simply pick up the Ancient Greek language. One of the most beautifully complex languages ever developed, Greek can offer 50 different specific forms of any given word. This precision makes the language very specific, but it can make memorizing declensions a daunting task.

However, now there are Bible dictionaries, Greek translations and concordances which can offer you information on the Greek Bible easily. You don't have to know one iota of Greek, so to speak, in order to understand the text and deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Bible. While nothing can quite replace years of study combined with your own authentic translation of the Greek Bible, you can certainly glean information about the original Greek language used in the scripture with modern day electronic biblical software.

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