King James Version Bible

Written by Joy MacKay
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The King James Version Bible is one of the most cherished and beloved translations of all time. This is largely because most of us grew up in a church where the King James Version Bible was primarily used, making it the most familiar version we've heard. Truly, the beauty and poetry of the language remains largely unsurpassed to this day.

Making the King James Version Bible Accessible

However, the King James Version Bible is equally confusing for most of us to read. Written in archaic English, the text is riddled with outdated words, and awkward phrasing. While we still cherish this text for its traditional and lyrical value, many of us need a translation that is a little more accessible for contemporary reading.

In fact, many pastors use the King James Version Bible in addition to a second translation. This allows most readers to locate the text within their own King James Version Bible, but also to hear the Word in a more palatable construction. By using a variety of versions as you preach, you can impart different points of view and knowledge to your parishoners.

When looking for a version with which to augment the King James Version Bible passages, seek out a translation instead of a paraphrase. While paraphrases are a wonderful way to help your understanding of the Bible, they are not taken from the original foreign language text. Because of that, for utmost accuracy of your passages, you'll want to rely on a translation that was put into modern English by way of studying the original scriptures.

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