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Written by Joy MacKay
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Growing up, whenever we opened our Bibles during Sunday school or church, we all invariably opened up our edition of the KJV Bible. The KJV Bible, short for the King James Version Bible, is a beautifully written and translated text which came into fruition hundreds of years ago. It was commissioned under the reign of English King James, after whom the version is named.

Because of the beauty of the language, and the overall accuracy of the text, the KJV Bible has become one of the most standard and beloved translations in the world. However, its archaic language also sometimes provides a stumbling block in the understanding of its modern-day readers. For the same reason that Shakespeare oftentimes eludes modern readers who attempt to decipher it, the classic text of the KJV Bible can be sometimes difficult to fully understand.

Paths to Greater Understanding of the KJV Bible

We want the Bible to become alive to us as we read, and we want to be able to understand it and share it with others. While the KJV Bible is a wonderful translation, you might consider augmenting your personal Bible study by seeking out other translations as well. There are software programs which will allow you to create a "parallel Bible," which is a text that allows you to read the KJV Bible and another, more modern translation, side by side.

By using a parallel Bible text, you can be sure to clarify any questions you might have about the language of the KJV Bible. Furthermore, there are study tools which can enable you to look at a particular KJV word in its original translation, for greater accuracy. If you're looking to clarify your study of the KJV Bible, you might examine some of the software and online Bible tools created for Bible study and comprehension.

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