Niv Bible Software

Written by Joy MacKay
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The New International Version of the Bible has become one of the most popular translations, and now NIV Bible software has made it more accessible to everyone. Especially important in this modern age, NIV Bible software helps guide you through the New International Version of the Bible. This can benefit everyone from church leaders to laypersons, as they begin to study God's Word.

Greater Understanding with NIV Bible Software

Growing up in the church, I always read the King James Version of the Bible. However, I also grew up in a family with a heavy literary bent--all three of us children were literature majors in our college years. For many of my peers, however, the King James Version left them confused, and at a loss as to the Bible's intended meaning.

However, many of these people loved to read the NIV Bible version. They found that it helped illuminate passages they never before understood, and encouraged them to read more of God's Word. I myself have also fallen in love with this translation, and realize that it puts into plain English the truths of the Bible.

Now, with NIV Bible software, just about anyone can gain deeper insight into the Word of God. Best of all, NIV Bible software offers great search capabilities, enabling you to find verses more quickly. Look online for NIV Bible software, or for Bible software and research programs which bundle the NIV version into their suites.

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