Online Bible Concordance

Written by Joy MacKay
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With an online Bible concordance, you can maximize your search and reference capabilities as you study God's Word. An online Bible concordance will far surpass your expectations, and transform your idea of what a concordance can offer you in your daily Bible study. Best of all, many online Bible concordance tools are available at little or no charge.

Uses for an Online Bible Concordance

The basic use of an online Bible concordance is similar to that of a traditional concordance--that is, to look up particular words in an effort to find thematic or specific verses. For instance, similarly to the way in which you would search a traditional concordance for the word "love," in order to find pertinent scriptures, you can likewise search single words in an online Bible concordance. Also, in much the same manner you might search under the word "begotten" in hopes of finding John 3:16's reference, you can also search an online Bible concordance for a particular word or phrase in hopes of locating a scripture reference.

However, beyond these traditional uses, an online Bible concordance can offer you further tools. For instance, certain online search tools allow you to instantly refer to the Strong's number, for literal definitions of terms used in the Bible. You can also make your own annotations and search lists, to customize your Bible reading experience.

Furthermore, an online Bible concordance can help you find any scripture in a matter of moments. If you are sure you're seeking a verse from the Book of Psalms, you can narrow your search down to a book or chapter, for easier and more speedy word searches. You can also view verses surrounding your search results, for contextual meaning.

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