Online Scripture

Written by Joy MacKay
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Through modern technology, you can now use online scripture resources to read and better understand the Bible. With online scripture tools, you can read the Bible in a variety of versions, and even customize your very own parallel Bible for comparison and study. Furthermore, you can take advantage of extensive commentary and study tools that can enrich your reading of God's Word.

Benefits of Online Scripture Tools

Whether you're a seminary student, a pastor preparing for a sermon, or simply a Christian looking to deepen your walk, you can really benefit from online scripture services. You can take recommendations for daily reading courses, and even use cross-reference tools to find related verses. You can also read scholarly analyses of the scriptures, and take advantage of Bible dictionaries and maps of the Holy Land.

For those who would like to add a little extra insight into their Bible study, there are also translation tools available. You can look up words in the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Because these languages are highly specific in word meaning, you can find out more about what the scripture originally said and its intended meaning during the time in which it was authored.

If you're looking to enrich your family devotional time, your small cell group's Bible study, or your church sermons, you can easily take advantage of online scripture services. In fact, you can find many of these online scripture tools for a minimal charge, with specific ones even offered completely free. Look online today for an online scripture service that will help you deepen your understanding of the Bible.

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