Written by Joy MacKay
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Quite literally, the pastor is the shepherd of the church members, instructed by God to care for them and help guide them along their respective ways. Because of this, the pastor of a church ends up taking on a wide variety of responsibilities. He not only delivers the sermons each week, but he often performs biblical counseling, evangelical outreach, and mediation between church members, just to name a few regular pastoral duties.

The Pastor and Sermon Preparation

Because of this, it's no secret that being a pastor is one of the most demanding jobs that any person can undertake. It therefore becomes imperative that a church's pastor find the necessary time and energy to prepare a sermon each week. And, as any good pastor can tell you, each effective sermon takes hours of careful preparation.

Usually, the pastor centers each sermon around a particular biblical theme or Bible text. A particular passage might become the centralized piece of the sermon, leading the way to an admonition or word of encouragement for the congregation. Because of these goals, the pastor must have an extensive knowledge of the Bible and its principles.

However, no matter how strong a pastor's biblical knowledge, there is always more knowledge that can be acquired. Sermons gain strength and substance with each piece of information and insight a pastor can impart. Because of this, there are many modern pastors who are turning towards computerized tools to help them glean more knowledge of biblical passes, historical context, and scholarly commentary.

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