Pc Study Bible

Written by Joy MacKay
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A creation of BibleSoft, the makers of cutting-edge biblical software, the PC Study Bible can help deepen your Bible study like never before. From scholarly commentary on biblical themes and passages, to Greek and Hebrew word definitions, this electronic version of the Bible is truly incredible. Whether you're a seasoned pastor or just a simple student of God's Word, you can enrich your personal Bible study with the PC Study Bible.

Features of the PC Study Bible

In its most basic version, the Discovery Reference Library, the PC Study Bible offers you a host of study tools. For those looking for more advanced Bible study, you can choose from the New Reference Library, with 25 Bibles and reference works, or the Reference Library Plus version, with 31 Bibles and reference works. For the truly ambitious scholar, the Complete Reference Library boasts 41 Bibles and reference works, with the Advanced Reference Library topping the heap, offering 53 Bibles and reference works for study.

Among the versions of the Bible available in the Discovery Reference Library version are the New King James Version, King James Version, American Standard Version, and the popular New Living Translation. You receive full concordances for each version, along with Strong's Concordance's Greek and Hebrew dictionaries. For further linguistic study, you also receive the Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances, Thayer's Greek definitions, and Brown, Driver & Briggs Hebrew Definitions.

Additionally, you receive the well-respected Matthew Henry's Bible Commentary, and full illustrated Bible maps. You also receive extensive Bible photos, room for personal notes, and a Bible Reading Planner, to help guide your study of God's Word. You also receive Nave's Topical Bible for cross-referencing, and Nelson's Bible Dictionary, for further study.

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