Written by Joy MacKay
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As you realize the call of God upon your life to become a preacher, you also realize the great responsibility of shepherding his flock--your church. As a preacher, the Bible becomes your ultimate sword as you battle against darkness, and it becomes your comfort as you travel through life. Furthermore, you gain the responsibility of speaking the Word of God to others, and encouraging and guiding the people to whom you preach.

Years ago, there were few tools other than the text of the Bible (usually printed at the time in King James Version only) to help guide you as a preacher. Nowadays, there are plenty of theological resources to help aid you and minister to you as you minister to God's people. Among these tools are valuable pieces of Bible software which can help you learn more about the Bible in-depth, and share that knowledge with others.

Bible Knowledge for the Layperson and the Preacher Alike

I remember when my brother finished Bible College and his time at a university, and decided to enter the field of law. When I asked him about his choice of vocation, he stated that for so long, he felt that the only way he could truly serve God was to become a preacher. Finally, he realized that he could still evangelize and follow God's calling on his life as he began his chosen vocation as an attorney.

Some would wonder why an aspiring attorney would enroll in a Bible College. However, even the layperson needs a deeper knowledge of the Bible, in order to help him or her develop and share his or her faith. The computerized tools that are available for Bible study also help those who are not preachers by career to help hone their knowledge of the Bible, and share it with others.

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