Scripture Search

Written by Joy MacKay
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How long do you usually take when attempting to conduct a scripture search? Sure, if you know the reference, chapter and verse, for a Bible verse, a scripture search is performed easily. But what if you only know the general location of a particular verse, or worse, only a few words contained in it, how can you find the scripture you seek?

There was a time when your best scripture search tool was simply a Bible's concordance. You could search a few select verses which contained any particular word, or theme. For instance, if you were searching under the word, "water," you could usually only find five or ten verses which fit the bill.

New Kinds of Scripture Search

However, if there were a particular phrase you wanted to find, you could not locate a scripture based on that phrase. In fact, before the information age, your parameters and capabilities for a scripture search were limited. Luckily, this has all changed with the advent of faster computers and the Internet.

There are two basic options for a computerized scripture search--online or software versions. You can search by word, phrase, or topic--and return results from the entire text of the Bible. You can even limit your search based on book, chapter and verse range, or part of the Bible.

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