Written by Joy MacKay
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Perhaps your vocation has never been as a member of the clergy, but you always had a dream of attending seminary. Maybe for reasons beyond your control, that dream never quite materialized. Still, for some of us, we were able to enroll as students of the Bible and hone our faith in seminary.

Whatever your story, the truth is that you can gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the Bible at home. Whether you're a seminary student who is looking for study tools, or a housewife looking for greater insight into the Bible, there are tools that can help. Regardless of your prior knowledge of the Bible, you can find tools that will make your understanding deepen, regardless of your biblical familiarity.

Using Bible Study Tools in Seminary

When you're enrolled in seminary, you're devoting your life to the study and preaching of the Bible. You have committed your life to the deepening of your understanding of theology, and desire to unravel the truths of God's Word. The Bible is a complex book, and you can benefit from the studies that others have been building upon for centuries.

In this information age, technology has made commentary and transliterary tools more accessible to biblical scholars. You can augment your personal studies and devotions, or you can infuse your sermons and ministry with the insight that biblical tools bring. Look online for a variety of Bible study tools that can help deepen your theological studies and make the Bible come alive for you in an even deeper way.

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