Sermon Illustration

Written by Joy MacKay
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Any effective message delivered from a church pulpit comes with an aspect of sermon illustration. Each message contained within the pages of the Bible can be further augmented and clarified by the right type of sermon illustration. This might come in the form of a demonstrative story, a personal anecdote, or a relation of biblical text to modern-day example.

When you can demonstrate the themes and messages of biblical text with a sermon illustration, you are better able to reach a wider audience. Christ himself employed this method, by illuminating scripture and spiritual themes through the telling of parables. These parables acted as a form of sermon illustration, by relating spiritual tenants to stories and examples that people hearing could relate to.

Sermon Illustration through Reference

One of the most effective tools for sermon illustration is to give contextual backing to your reading of scripture. This can be accomplished through finding plenty of biblical reference material, which can help you better understand biblical stories and passages for yourself. From there, you are best able to communicate these messages to your congregation.

When you infuse your sermons with illustration, you paint a clear picture of the spiritual message you wish to impart. This helps your congregation retain and implement your messages into their lives every week. Look online for sermon illustration tools that can help you deliver a clear and sincere message to your congregation today.

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