Small Group

Written by Joy MacKay
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Sometimes, you want to study the Bible with others in a small group outside of church. In these intimate groups, you can begin to share your personal revelations with others for encouragement and support. Best of all, you can begin to analyze the Bible with as much information at your fingertips as biblical scholars have at their disposal.

In fact, whether you need analysis or commentary on the Bible, or whether you need a Bible definition, you can find it with modern software. You can even look up certain words in the Bible for a study of them in their original tongue. Whether you're looking for literal definitions in Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic, you can access them at the touch of a button.

Visual Small Group Study Aids

Furthermore, you can take advantage to visual aids made for small group study by using online and software Bible study tools. From maps of the Holy Lands, to biblical dramatizations depicting Bible stories and characters, you can experience the Bible as never before. You can even hear pronunciations of Bible words in their original inflections.

By using these dynamic small group tools, you can make your cell group or prayer and share group come alive. In fact, best of all, you can access these tools from your home computer, or laptop. Look online today for dynamic tools which can help your small group get more out of their Bible study.

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