Small Group Bible Study

Written by Joy MacKay
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Small group Bible study can be one of the most effective ways of studying God's Word. Furthermore, it provides you with fellowship opportunities, helping you learn to edify each other in your walks with God. In fact, no matter whether you are a strong Christian or a new believer, small group Bible study can help solidify your faith.

I remember hearing stories from my mother about the integral role that small group Bible study played in her early Christian days. She had just lost a daughter to a sudden death, and gleaned faith and encouragement from her cell group. As she began to study the Word of God, she became more and more in tune with God's plan for her, as evidenced in the Bible.

Modern Small Group Bible Study

One of the most wonderful things about this informational age is that small group Bible study has been transformed for the better. There was a time when a small group of believers could not access Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, or biblical commentaries. Now, with electronic Bible software, these tools are available to every type of small group Bible study.

In college, we would have meetings where we would gather to read God's Word. We used many of the software tools available to us, to delve more deeply into the Bible. Look online for similar small group Bible study tools, which can help you augment your studies and take full advantage of the time you spend in a group studying God's Word.

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