Sunday School

Written by Joy MacKay
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Sunday school is no longer just for the children of parishoners and church members. In fact, many churches now include Sunday school classes for people of all ages and maturity of belief. From new converts to married couples to youth group members, there is usually a Sunday school class for everyone at your local church.

Because of the heightened attendance at Sunday school classes held before the main sermon, there is a great specificity to the messages given. This means that there is a greater need for the lessons given to be targeted and in-depth, to augment the biblical knowledge that is already given through the main service. In fact, the targeted classes and attendance creates a greater need for biblical scripture to fill a specific purpose as it comes forth in teaching.

Sunday School Teachers and Bible Study Tools

Oftentimes, the leaders of Sunday school classes generally do not include the main pastoral staff of any given church. This vocation is usually filled by laypersons in the church, who give their time to teach Sunday school classes. Teaching both children and adults, these Sunday school teachers rely on their knowledge of the Bible every Sunday morning as they minister God's Word to others.

Because of this, many Sunday school teachers are turning towards electronic Bible study tools. Because of the need to gain regular insight into biblical passages, many Sunday school teachers enjoy the features offered in electronic Bible software. Furthermore, these tools often enable Sunday school teachers to quickly find the verses and passages which they would like to incorporate into their weekly teachings.

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