Sunday School Lesson

Written by Joy MacKay
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When you're looking for a way to make your Sunday school lesson come alive, it would behoove you to check out some of the online resources for Bible teachers and scholars. There are plenty of innovative tools that can help you prepare for and communicate your Sunday school lesson quickly and effectively. From Bible dictionaries and search tools, to innovative Bible games, there is something for every type of Sunday school lesson preparation.

The Effective Sunday School Lesson

If you're a Sunday school teacher, you know how difficult it can be to pack a Sunday school lesson, prayer time, and worship into an hour-long time slot. Sometimes, it might feel that you're just talking at thin air, and you might wonder how many people truly take truth away from each meeting. If you work with little children or youth, this frustration can even heighten at times, as you battle against distractions and attention spans.

However, we serve the ultimate Creator, and the ways in which you can liven up your Sunday school lessons are nothing short of creative! Reach adults more memorably by incorporating biblical commentary, or using illustrative stories or dramatic scenarios. For children, think about incorporation of Bible games or illustrative Bible stories, put in plain English they can understand.

Regardless of the age group which you serve, a Sunday school lesson can be the high point of everyone's week, and a time to connect to our faiths in a deeper way. There are plenty of online tools and software available and designed specifically for teachers of God's Word. Look online to find recommended tools and services that can help you deliver an effective Sunday school lesson, every week.

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