Written by Joy MacKay
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What more could you learn about your favorite Bible verse? Perhaps you have a cherished Bible verse, that you would like to look up quickly and read the surrounding passage. Oftentimes we isolate one verse and forget to read the verses which give it further depth and context.

But, more often than not, we cannot locate the Bible verse we need when we need it. In fact, just last week, I wanted to locate a scripture about God's great joy in the wake of grief, and couldn't recall where it was located. I was writing a sympathy card for a dear friend who had recently lost her husband, and wanted to inscribe the card with the scripture verse.

Quick Verse Searches

Luckily, I have Bible software that helps me locate the exact position of any given verse in the Bible. In fact, I only had to enter a couple of keywords I knew were in the verse, and instantly, I was given the reference Psalms 30:5. I was able to write in my friend's card, "Weeping endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."

Scripture verse finders are extremely useful during times like these. Sometimes, a concordance just isn't enough to help you find the verses you need at lightning speeds. Look online at some of the online Bible verse programs and services that can help you find any verse which has an elusive reference.

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