Braille Menus

Written by Amy Hall
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Braille menus are becoming more and more prevalent in restaurants across the country. However, the number of establishments that provide these menus is still relatively low. Restauranteurs need to become more aware of the many professionals who can provide services and products that allow them to access print-disabled persons.

In order to have braille menus created, a braille transcriptionist converts printed data into braille code. He or she sometimes does this by utilizing conversion software, and then revising the final data into the finished product. Or, the conversion can be done manually on a braille writer or similar machine.

Creating Braille Menus
Having these menus printed up can be affordably accomplished. And, as providing accessibility to all of one's customers is to be desired, braille menus are necessities.

Restauranteurs may also want to look into other kinds of menus for the sight-impaired, such as large-print menus. Providing reasonable accommodation should not be looked upon as a restriction, but rather as an opportunity to extend every client their due hospitality.

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