Braille Preparations

Written by Amy Hall
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As businesses move to accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act, they seek out ways to make braille preparations for their print-disabled customers and clients. Providing braille services does not have to be a challenge for a business.

From braille menus to braille elevator buttons, these alternate format documents and signage are becoming more prevalent. For business owners who are still uncertain as to how they should proceed, there are many options. Converting information into this writing system is now far simpler than ever before.

Making Braille Preparations for Your Business
Business owners and managers should not look on making braille preparations as an indisposition. Instead, these preparations allow them to broaden their clientele and provide services to more Americans. And the braille services industry can provide a lot of help.

Braille, like other alternate formats, is about accessibility. If you are serious about not just ADA compliance, but also about providing services to every single one of your customers, it behooves you to seek out companies which provide products that enable businesses to cater to all Americans.

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