Braille Ready Files

Written by Amy Hall
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Braille ready files are electronic files composed of specific code. This code enables electronic files to be transferred into braille via a display or an embossing machine. The increasing use of braille ready files signals an increase in access to computer data and the Internet for print-disabled persons.

Because so many important documents are now furnished to the public via electronic formats, the use of braille ready files has become much more prevalent. The creation of these files is one of the many important jobs of a skilled braille transcriptionist.

Downloading Braille Ready Files

The file extension for braille ready files is always either .brf or .bfm. The industry which produces braille-related products and services is continually innovating new methods of providing accessibility to the print-disabled public.

It is now, of course, possible to download many more braille ready files than ever before. And the numbers continue to grow, as more people become familiar with this method. The ease of using these and other electronic resources has prompted many blind people to utilize the exceptional resource of the Internet with far greater facility.

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