Braille Schools

Written by Amy Hall
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People who are interested in finding braille schools can spend a lot of time looking. In truth, there are only a few different ways that people can learn the art of braille transcription. These include correspondence courses, learning by doing, and becoming professionally certified at official braille schools.

The first way to learn transcription, by taking correspondence courses, has worked well for many people. However, this can be a tedious process that involves many lessons and is administered by the National Library of Congress. Some people just naturally learn things better through self-teaching.

Those students who are self-taught can still have careers as transcriptionists, but, if they are not certified by braille schools, they may still need to have some of their work checked by a certified professional. For students looking to fully immerse themselves in this rewarding career, more in-depth braille schooling is required.

Effective Training from Certified Braille Schools

Paying tuition and taking professionally-designed transcription lessons is considered by many to be the optimal route to this career. Though there are only a few braille schools in the United States, this is not a limitation for students across the country. Finding an online course is an excellent answer to the location issue--and these courses can be every bit as comprehensive as one conducted in a traditional campus setting.

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