Braille Training

Written by Amy Hall
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Braille training involves the teaching of braille to students who wish to learn this alternate writing system. The print-disabled population benefits greatly from the ability to access and author all kinds of documents. Braille training also puts people on the path to careers as professional braille transcriptionists.

Before the invention of braille almost 200 years ago, blind people required a great deal of help from the people around them, usually family members and friends. Blind schools helped children learn how to function and carry out basic tasks, but the emphasis was not on learning to read and write. This obviously created a big void in many children's lives. Once braille codes were created, a whole new world opened up for the blind.

Essential Braille Training

Braille training has been in full swing for practically 200 years now. There are schools that teach braille to both children and adults. Some people who come into contact regularly with blind people opt to learn braille in order to be able to communicate better. Such professionals can include teachers, counselors, ministers, doctors, and/or social workers, to name just a few.

The opportunities for learning braille continue to expand to meet the growing need. From online braille training to hands-on schools around the country, more and more people are learning these skills. Additional braille training can also be accomplished through the use of new, innovative products.

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