History Of Braille

Written by Amy Hall
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Not many people know the history of braille until they come across a reason to learn about it. Perhaps you are a teacher, a social worker, or a counselor who needs to learn braille in order to do your job better and serve the visually impaired and/or the blind. Or maybe you are trying to learn braille transcribing, and are curious about how braille came into existence.

The history of braille starts about 200 years ago in a small village outside of Paris. Louis Braille, at the age of three, suffered an eye injury in his father's leather shop when a sharp awl punctured his eye. At first, all seemed to be fine, until an infection set in that left the boy blind. Louis was a very intelligent child, but later felt frustrated that he could not read or write like his peers.

The Incredible History of Braille

Yearning to learn more, Louis enrolled in a school for the blind, but soon became disgruntled with the lack of books available to him. At some point, he learned that French army soldiers were using an alphabet code that consisted of raised dots and dashes, which could be read by running one's fingers over the symbols. Somehow, Louis got his hands on such a document and began to experiment on his own with the symbols. The beginning of the history of braille was starting to take shape.

Out of his experimentation came the braille method. Soon after, Louis got his first braille book published, which was soon followed by many other braille books.

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