Airplane Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most children growing up are thrilled with the concept of flight and will go through a period of obsession over airplanes. An airplane watch can make a great celebratory gift to a child if he is traveling on one for the very first time. These watches can also make great gifts for any budding airplane enthusiast and can be packaged along with model airplanes and airport sets as well.

Airplane watches are typically appreciated more by young boys than girls. Children's aviation watches feature cartoon airplanes and may incorporate space shuttles into their design as well. The best children's watch straps are made of either flexible plastic or washable cloth, while the watches themselves should come with replaceable batteries and a full warranty replacement program for manufacturing defects.

Some airplane watches use the familiar fighter plane images to hide the fact that the watches are actually designed to teach kids how to read time. Large numbers and color-coded hands on the front dial make it easier for the child to differentiate the hours from the minutes, while an accompanying instruction booklet teaches the child how to tell the difference from one minute to the next. These plane watches are great for kids who have not yet learned how to tell time and for older students who may have difficulty grasping the concept.

Airplane Watches for Adults

Mature airplane watches are usually commemorative in design and feature the top aviation events or people in history. For example, a watch may feature the image of Amelia Earhart, who was the first woman to complete a round-trip transcontinental flight and the first to perform a transatlantic solo flight. Or, the watch might be covered by famous (and infamous) fighter planes from wars of yesteryear, from the German Albatross D I fighters in World War I to the modern F-18 Hornet.

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