Animal Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Animal watches are extremely popular among both adults and children. From beautiful butterfly and whimsical bear timepieces to those featuring scary Halloween images of bats and bugs, most everyone can appreciate an animal watch. These watches make great gifts for animal lovers, nature enthusiasts, outdoors-people, and anyone who has always treasured a special kind of animal in their life.

Some watches are created with both fun animal decorations and educational functions. In addition to the entertaining images of butterflies, giraffes, alligators and pandas, a time teaching watch has a large front dial with overemphasized hour and minute markings that are easily recognized by young eyes. These markings are colored to match the hour and minute hands of the clock so the child can find out exactly how the hands relate to the numbers. Educational watches can thus help parents and teachers demonstrate to their children and students how an analogue clock or watch face shows the time.

Many animal watches, educational in design or not, are also created to help wildlife funds and preservation groups. Retail stores will often pledge a percentage of animal watch sales to a local or worldwide charity like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Individuals who purchase these watches will know that some of their money is going to a worthy cause and is helping protect endangered species and their environments.

Where to Purchase Animal Watches

The best places to find animal watches are at zoos and animal park gift shops. However, if one is not in the local area, one can purchase an animal watch from an online source. These are also great sources for retail stores and managers of gift shops who need to add more colorful and fun animal-related items to their collections.

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