Birthday Gift Ideas For Kids

Written by Sierra Rein
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Every year, a parent or family friend must arrive at another birthday gift idea for their child. The first challenge is to buy something that is not going to be an "obvious" choice. After all, most of the time the latest gadget or toy soon fades with the fad, and there is always the danger of giving the child the same gift as a number of other people. Try to be unique with your choice; that way, you will find something personal and will be much appreciated for it.

The best birthday gifts ideas for kids are also interactive in design and function and can be taken on trips and vacations if the child enjoys playing with them. For example, teachers and home school educators recommend the gift of an interactive watch that can help a young child learn how to tell the time. Most kids are enthusiastic about learning this skill and will jump at the chance to own their very own watch, especially when decorated with fun animal and science patterns.

If you are trying to pick a birthday gift for a child you know nothing about, ask the parent or a close relative about his or her special interests. If she enjoys art and making craft projects, you may wish to purchase a complete art set and an easel. However, if he happens to enjoy sports, he would probably want to be given an athletic watch with stopwatch and timer functions built in. If no information is given regarding the child, then a fun board or card game may be a welcome gift.

A Few Bad Examples of Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

When researching all the options out there, it is a good idea to read up on any warnings that have been given out by teacher, parent and consumer groups regarding dangerous toys that have been recalled. Usually, this information is broadcast over radio and television stations during the end of the year, especially when holiday shopping becomes the rage. Make sure that the toy or kit is safe and has no history of injury or harm to other children in the past. That way, you can give a safe and great birthday gift to an appreciative child.

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