Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Written by Shirley Parker
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No single definition exists for troubled teens. The adolescent years are full of frustration, physical changes, an increasingly ridiculous amount of peer pressure, and perhaps, poor examples from idols whose values have gone askew. They see criminals living a better lifestyle than the adults they know who work very hard, yet never get anywhere financially. Teens may also have been handed off from one relative to another as youngsters. Of course such teens are troubled. Why should they believe anything adults say?

A boarding school for emotionally disturbed teens can be a literal lifesaver. In a nurturing environment, they receive constant affirmations of their own value, along with spiritual guidance, while accepting opportunities for social and academic milestones that they can reach. Invariably, they are also taught that acting out is unacceptable. However, many special needs teenagers have been physically or sexually abused by relatives or so-called friends, before arriving at a residential treatment school. They're going to be hostile and will not trust anyone for a long time.

On the other hand, a troubled teen may hardly act out at all. Rather than exhibiting behavioral problems, they may be silently working through great emotional pain; they're gawky, or chubby, or smelly, or full of zits, or their family doesn't fit in, and on and on. It's actually a wonder any of us ever made it through to the other side of adolescence. Some, of course, did not, and persist as deeply troubled adults who lash out at the rest of us at inappropriate times and places. Intervention in the form of therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment schools can break the downward spiral.

Enrolling a Troubled Teen in Boarding School

Most therapeutic boarding schools accept students, when properly matched, at any time of the year, since needs of the child or other family members may be immediate. School rules do have to be followed; policies aren't waived, even for an extremely unruly individual. Therefore, it's critical to match the teen with the right program. Here is where professional guidance is needed. A Certified Educational Planner can help to place the child in a variety of schools in North America. These range from summer boot camps, wilderness treks, schools specializing in ADD or ADHD, long term boarding schools, ranch schools, sectarian schools, and so forth.

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