Butterfly Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Delicate and charming, butterflies are one of the world's most beautiful animals. They have been used as symbols of transition, joy, and communication with the spirits, and the soul in many different cultures. Plus, although they usually weigh no more than two flower petals, butterflies are also extremely important to the natural world by helping plants and flowers cross-pollinate.

Butterfly watches are very popular due to their subject's lovely appearance and harmless, sweet behavior. For the most part, girls are more likely than boys to appreciate and wear butterfly watches. They are more feminine in nature and bring out the beauty of any piece of wrist-wear, no matter what color it may be.

Very young girls can wear plastic or light metal watches with flexible cloth straps that are decorated with butterfly images. It is recommended that very small children be given only watches made of durable plastic and that the straps be washable so that dirt and other contaminants do not grow around the areas of the wrists and hands. However, adults like butterfly jewelry as well, but are more likely to purchase gold and silver butterfly watches.

Butterfly Watches that Teach

Introducing the concept of time to young children can sometimes be difficult. However, even kindergarten students can begin learning how to tell time through educational butterfly watches. These large and easy to read watches feature the familiar and fun images of their favorite bug yet are designed to reinforce an understanding of how the clock shows the exact time of day. Butterfly-themed educational watches are great as teaching aids, fundraising products, and children's gifts.

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