Canadian Boarding Schools

Written by Shirley Parker
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In addition to public schools, which are the responsibility of provincial or territorial governments in Canada, a large number of private schools exist. Included in these are boarding schools, some 30 of which belong to The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS). Many other educational associations serve a variety of specialties, including private language schools and religious schools.

Today, Canadian boarding schools have a curriculum philosophy similar to, and faculty as dedicated as, any found anywhere in the world. Historically, they've also experienced some of the same serious problems as boarding schools in the United States. Discussion is ongoing, regarding educational facilities for native peoples. The sterile and cold atmosphere imported from old European boarding schools also had to be overcome, and largely has been.

Canadian boarding schools are located from the East Coast to the West Coast and many points in between. British Columbia, for example, has acclaimed schools such as Bodwell (not a member of TABS) in the City of Vancouver. Non-denominational and coeducational, it reaches both Canadian and International day and boarding students in the middle and upper grades. University preparation classes result in 100 percent placement at colleges or universities. Academics, athletics, and arts are equally valued.

Schools in Other Provinces

Several fine boarding schools exist in the Toronto area, including Branksome Hall, Havergal College, and Saint Andrew's College. Ontario, in fact, has at least 17 boarding schools, while other provinces have their share of quality establishments. As with other countries, Canadian and international parents will need to do careful research, and make admission trips, before sending their child away from home. It is a decision that profoundly affects the individual's future and that of the family. Remember that the objective is to build children, never to destroy them.

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