Children's Gifts

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most children's gifts encourage kids to become active in several different areas, including pretend play, games, sports and active play, music, construction, and art. Other gifts are educational in nature and help young minds develop a fuller comprehension of the world around them. These toys can include books, videos, physics kits, coloring booklets, and tools to teach children about astronomy, telling time, or photography.

Before choosing a gift for a young child, the most important aspect to think about is how safe the gift is compared to his or her relative age and maturity. A very young child should not be given items with many small moveable parts, nor be given toys or science kits that include toxic chemicals. Most toys have a warning on the box regarding possible dangers as well as the recommended appropriate age range.

On the other hand, children's gifts can be very practical in nature and can be given to a kid to help his or her parents out. Clothing is especially welcome if the family has little time to go shopping for new clothes during the week, while new backpacks or sleeping bags are great if the child is starting a new year in school or has signed up to go to a sleep-away camp. It is a good idea to talk to the parents themselves about what the family specifically needs, and then purchase one of these needed items in a design that the child will love.

Custom-Fit Children's Gifts

By an early age, most children have already revealed their likes and dislikes about certain visual patterns, especially when it comes to colors, favorite animals, and iconographic imagery. This makes it very easy to purchase decorated children's gifts, especially when they are already designed with popular zoo animals (like panda bears and tree frogs) or recognizable cartoon characters (like Dexter's Laboratory or the Power Puff Girls). If a child responds well to gifts designed with a particular theme in mind, then even educational toys like decorated time-telling watches can become much appreciated.

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