Children's Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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When choosing between all the different children's watches available in stores and online sites today, it is important to consider a few factors regarding the levels of appropriateness, functionality, and safety. First of all, a watch should be chosen based on the age and maturity of the child; if an expensive watch is bought for a fifth-grader, chances are the child will not appreciate the value of the watch, nor treat it with any true respect. On the other hand, an older child who is given a wristwatch of an "immature" nature will probably never wear it!

Another consideration to think of is whether or not the child needs to have any special functions, like a chronograph or personal alarm, on the watch. Younger children usually do not need these kinds of options, but they can come in handy for pre-teens, teenagers, and kids who enjoy participating in athletic events. It is a better idea to refrain from paying extra money for these features (especially if the child will never use them) and instead buy a more germane watch for the youngster.

Educational Children's Watches

For many parents and teachers, the issue surrounding the ability to teach children how to tell time often lies in the materials available. To answer this quandary, many watch manufacturers have created educational watches that help children learn how to read the watch face correctly. These watches typically feature large numbers and colorful hour, minute, and second hands. The hands are also usually colored to match the numbers on the face so that the child can quickly relate the two together (for example, the 12 hour numbers and the hour hand may both be colored yellow, while the minute numbers and hand may be colored blue).

The Flik-Flak brand of watch is one example of an educational children's watch. The hour and minute hands are shaped like an energetic brother (the minute hand) and his more sedate sister (the hour hand). An accompanying booklet can teach the wearer about the clock and refer to Flik and Flak on a personalized level. Because children respond well to this sort of imagery, these watches will help them have a better time (no pun intended) visualizing the relationship between the hour and minute hands and how they relate to a representation of time.

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