Dolphin Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Kids love marine life, especially the highly spirited and graceful dolphin. They are usually the star attractions at water park zoos and are the subject of many well-known children's books, television shows and movies. To take advantage of this, most watch manufacturers offer dolphin watches in both cute kid and sophisticated adult styles.

A dolphin watch can make a wonderful gift for any youngster who has a love for porpoises. Dolphin watches are high sellers in any aquatic zoo or marine life museum gift shop and can be found in a number of different nature-based retail stores along with other dolphin-themed items. A great idea is to give a young child a gift basket filled with all sorts of dolphin-related toys, including watches, books, clothing, pens, videos and jewelry.

Dolphin Watches that Help Kids Learn How to Tell Time

Many parents who wish to introduce their youngsters of the concept of time do so by giving them a time-teaching watch decorated with images of their favorite animal. These watches feature large dials and minute and hour hands that match the colors of the minute and hour markers on the face. Most of these come with instruction and teaching booklets to help parents teach their children how to read the watch.

A child who enjoys dolphins will want to wear a dolphin watch, even if it is designed to be educational rather than entertainment-based. She will refer to the colorful and playful dolphins on it over and over throughout the day. The more times she looks at it, the sooner she will begin to recognize how the hour and minute hands relate to the concept of time. Educational dolphin watches sometimes come with activity booklets featuring a popular dolphin character, which has a funny name and guides the reader through a number of time-related puzzles, questions and quizzes.

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