Flik-flak Watches For Children

Written by Sierra Rein
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Flik-Flak, a division of the Swatch Group, has been making special children's watches since 1987. Designed and manufactured directly in Switzerland itself, all Flik-Flak watches for children are made to the same high standards of durability and comfort as their adult counterparts. The main difference is that these kids' watches were designed as educational tools to teach children how to tell time.

Flik-Flak watches use the concept of personalization to help kids recognize the unique movement of the watch hands. Each watch has the hours and each five-minute interval distinctly divided up on the face, with dots between the divisions to show the seconds between them. The hands themselves are in the shape of two fun characters, Flik (a speedy boy representing the minute hand) and his sister Flak (who takes a full hour to move from one number to the next, and 12 hours to go one full circle). Flik (dressed in blue) has outstretched hands to point at the white minute numbers surrounded in blue, while Flack (wearing a pinkish-red dress) relates to the inner circle of red numbers indicating the hours.

A young child who visualizes these two characters as they travel around the watch face will have an easier time understanding...well, the concept of time itself. Flik-Flak watches can be used by parents who wish to introduce their young children to keeping time, or by teachers who wish to add a bit more color to their time-teaching lesson plans. They can also function as prizes during fundraisers, raffles and other school events.

Other Flik-Flak Watches for Children

The Flik-Flak division also offers a wide variety of fun animal and cartoon watches to choose from. However, the Flik and Flak siblings are present, whether the chosen watch features tree frogs, giraffes, Paddington Bear, or the Power Puff Girls. Flik-Flak watches also come without the brother and sister characters, for those older children who already know how to tell time.

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