Frog Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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From the classic American Green Tree frog to the Arctic Wood frog, frogs have always fascinated humans. The frog has been a symbol of chaos in Egypt, trickery in Ireland, wealth in China, and fertility and resurrection in ancient Rome. It is no wonder that the image of the frog can been seen in ancient and modern wall paintings, carvings, jewelry and clothing all over the world.

Today, a lot of people enjoy wearing frog watches, not only for the symbolism of the frog but also for the animal's adorable look and fashionable green color. Adults usually like to wear gold or silver watches decorated with metal or jeweled frogs, while kids typically prefer wearing cloth or plastic watches covered with colorful cartoon frogs. Of course, children are also attracted to frog watches that feature the many popular talking frog characters seen in movies and television shows.

Frog watches are incredibly popular items in zoo and natural history museum gift shops. Kids will often want to buy them after being told some fun information about frogs, like the fact that some can jump nearly 20 times their own length! Frog watches are also found in retail areas where the animals may be considered a source of local pride, as in the Olympic National Park in Washington or the country of Panama (where the Golden Harlequin Toad is the national symbol).

Educational Frog Watches Get Children Hopping About Knowledge

A few school supply manufacturers have used frog images to help sell and promote educational materials. For example, a young child who cannot tell time (or an older child who is still having trouble) can be given a time teaching watch decorated with her favorite animal--the frog. In addition to the colorful green amphibians, these teaching watches also feature color-coded hour and minute hands that correspond to the hour and minute numbers. These watches will be viewed by the child and her friends and not only as a teaching tool, but as a fashion statement.

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