Girls' Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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When looking for the perfect gift for a young girl, many people overlook the idea of purchasing her a watch. However, most girls actually enjoy receiving watches as gifts, especially if they are decorative and fun to wear. They can be given as birthday, Christmas, graduation, and holiday presents or used as fundraising products for schools and church groups.

It is very easy to pick out the watches designed specifically with girls in mind. They usually feature pale colors like pink, blue, pale yellow and bright greens. Typically, they are also decorated with romantic or nature-themed icons, like hearts, flowers, animals, and butterflies, but some feature more sedate images like stars and other abstract patterns.

On the other hand, many girls would rather have a functional watch than a mere decorative one. Luckily, most manufacturers offer a wide variety of chronographs and sports watches that are small and light enough to be worn on a thin wrist. These watches have the same features many adult watches have, like stopwatch and timer options, alarms, and backlights.

Educational Girls' Watches

Any parent of a young girl should know that one of the biggest gifts he can give her is the ability to tell time. A few timepiece manufacturers make girls' watches with time-teaching features, like large hour and minute numbers and hands that correspond to the same color. While "educational" in nature, a large percentage of these watches come in the same bright colors and fun feminine patterns as regular ones.

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