Interactive Clocks For Teaching Time

Written by Sierra Rein
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Interactive clocks and watches are fantastic tools to use to introduce children to the concept of reading time. They are also very effective to help students (young and adult) with learning disabilities to reinforce their lessons. Time-teaching watches have been used in schools, hospitals, psychiatrists' offices, and are great if given as personal gifts.

An interactive clock (or watch) functions exactly like a regular watch, only it is designed with special features that visually enhance the various parts of the clock face. The hour numbers are usually larger in size and colored the same as the hour hand. The minute markers are usually delineated with easy to read zero, 15, 30 and 45-minute numbers and color-coded with the minute hand as well.

Many time teaching watches for children feature fun designs and patterns to catch the young eyes and help them enjoy the process of learning how to read time. Some have cartoon characters actually installed onto the hour and minute hands so that parents and teachers can refer to them easily during the lessons. For example, Flik-Flak watches are designed with the images of a girl and boy on the hour and minute hands, respectively.

Accessories to Include With Interactive Clocks for Teaching Time

If one of these clocks or watches is purchased through an educational supply source, an instructional teaching booklet or a number of worksheets should accompany it. These teaching books will have questions, puzzles, and fill-in-the-blank activities to enhance a student's understanding on how the hour and minute hands work in relationship with the time. Many of these books also offer examples of how the student can use the watch to time daily chores, activities, television shows, and other common pastimes.

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