Kids' Timex Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Ever since Timex introduced its famous Mickey Mouse watch to adults and children in 1933, kids' Timex watches have been incredibly popular. Today, almost every adult model of watch, from the Ironkids sports watches to quartz analogue watches, can be found in a smaller kids' version. Timex has a wide range of warranty and replacement plans, in case the kid plays with his or her watch a bit too roughly.

Several kids' Timex watches are also shaped like belt clips to make travel easier. These can be clipped onto school or camping bags and easily referred to at a moment's notice. Timex also has a large collection of sports digital watches that can handle many adult chronograph functions. All kids' Timex watches can be found in girl's and boy's designs, or neutral colors for non-gender specific gifts.

Educational Kids' Timex Watches Introduce Young Minds to Time

Timex has a series of educational watches called Time Teachers, which are designed to be popular and fun. The front dial is very easy to read and features hour and minute hands that are color-coordinated with the hour and minute markers, respectively. To add a bit of fun, the second hand is usually a fun icon, like a flower or car that travels around the face of the watch every minute. A full teaching kit is also available to be used by a parent or teacher to help the child learn all the different parts and functions of the clock.

Even if it is not meant specifically to teach time to kids, every kids' Timex watch comes with its own instructional booklet on how to read time. It will also have instructions on how to use the watch's particular functions, whether it is the INDIGLO night-light or the alarm. Plus, this booklet will have information on how to adjust the elastic or removable FAST-WRAP strap.

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