Private And Parochial Schools

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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When a parent or student has decided on private school for education, the next step is to decide which one they should choose? Finding a school whose teachings and world view mirrors one's own is often desirable. For many who are increasingly unhappy with the morals and values that are promoted in everyday society, a private parochial school is the answer.

Many schools have problems with drugs, violence, and teenage pregnancy. Parents can feel helpless to combat these issues. By sending their children to a school rooted in their particular faith, parents can be assured that religion is included in the classroom--a fourth "R" along with "Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rrithmetic." Morals, social responsibility, and worship are included alongside Geography, Math, and English.

There are many different types of parochial schools other than the standard Catholic schools that first come to mind. Adventist, Baptist, Lutheran, Jewish--as many categories as there are types of faith. But in addition to their religious outlook, these schools still include the same commitment to academic excellence found in secular private schools, with small classes, dedicated teachers, and superior college preparatory programs. While tradition is still valued, these schools stay on the cutting edge of today's teaching advancements.

Learning to Grow in Both Knowledge and Spirit

Every parent is concerned with their child's intellectual growth. A quality education can enhance future opportunities in the business community and in life. But what about spiritual growth? For many people, attending a private parochial school that balances scholarship with a solid religious background can be the perfect solution.

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