Private Military Schools

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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All private schools can boast of smaller class sizes, individual attention to students' needs, and focused college preparatory programs. What sets private military schools apart? Well, besides occasionally having to drop and give the instructor "twenty," a student at a military school finds him or herself in a highly structured environment that emphasizes discipline and personal excellence.

Respect for authority, personal accountability, and taking pride in oneself are a few of the major tenets of military school life. Students are motivated to "be all they can be" and given opportunities to take on both leadership and academic challenges. Ideals like ethics, honor, courage, pride, and loyalty are built into daily life. The strength of military school has been its success in turning out disciplined, responsible future leaders of the community.

But military school isn't all one-armed push-ups and marching drills. Academics generally exceed national norms. "Basic training" such as English, Math, and Science are all there, along with Physics, Business, and Computer classes. Electives such as Photography, Band, and Art are also generally available. In short, students are given all the tools necessary to embark on an extraordinary college adventure.

The Discipline to Achieve in School--and in Life

Good study habits aren't the only benefit from self-discipline. Respect for others and the ability to make ethical decisions are the keys to victory in the business world and in the community. By centering its teachings around the traditions and values of military life, a private military school instills the kind of self-control and good citizenship that will give its students an advantage for the rest of their lives.

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