Private School Directories

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Making the decision between a private or public school is hard enough. But the toughest part is next: finding the specific school that will fit your criteria. Luckily, there are many private school directories available on the Internet, as well as from educational consultants and the Department of Education. The problem? There are many directories, period. Here are some ideas to help you refine your search.

Rank your priorities. Do you prefer a local school? Or is there a specific area you want to consider? Many directories are organized by state, and narrowing the field geographically can make the process less daunting. Also, what type of school do you prefer? Decide whether you want a boarding school, a day school, or maybe a parochial or military school--there are directories for each type.

Most directories offer statistics such as the percentage of graduating students from each school who enter college or Ivy League universities. They also include median SAT scores, the cost of tuition, profiles of the general "feel" of the school, and much more. Internet directories are the most interactive: on many, you can search their databases by keywords, such as, "science programs" or "athletics." Internet directories often include direct links to school home pages as well.

Your Search for the Right Private School

There is no one "right way" to look for the best private school for you, but there are many avenues to explore. While word of mouth and personal experience are good ways to start your search, be sure to utilize the many private school directories available to you. They contain a wealth of exhaustively researched information and statistics that can give you a well-rounded perspective on the schools of your choice.

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