Private School Grants

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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The biggest hurdle for many families considering private school is the cost. Since private schools are, as the name implies, privately funded, they do not receive money from the government, and depend on students' tuition to cover much of their expenses. However, there is help out there for lower-income and even middle-class families in the shape of private and government grants.

Where can you find these grants? First, ask the schools you are interested in about their financial aid programs. Gone are the days when private school was merely an enclave for the wealthy elite. Schools themselves realize the value of having a student body that includes people from all financial and cultural backgrounds, and offer privately funded grants to prospective students.

Today, approximately 30% of private school students receive some form of financial aid. In fact, the National Association of Independent Schools reports that private-school enrollment in the last ten years has increased 19.4%, thanks in part to record levels of financial aid. How does this add up in dollars and cents? In the past year, private schools have awarded a half-billion dollars in need and merit-based grants. Even middle-class families can qualify.

Other Grant Resources

There are literally millions of dollars in government and private grants available--you just have to know where to look. The Internet is a rich resource of organizations and programs to look through. There are also many books full of information about financial aid. Don't let the price tag of a private school education deter you--with a little research and determination, you can make your dreams a reality.

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